Seville restaurant in the center

Restaurants Seville Center

Seville is truly unique and fascinating; However, the center of Seville is one of the areas with the greatest commercial, tourist and traffic boom that you can find in the city. This extends between the squares of Duque-Campana, El Salvador, Magdalena, Plaza Nueva, Puerta Pérez, San Francisco and the famous Sevillian Cathedral. Converting…

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where to eat in seville

Where to eat in Seville?

Visiting or walking the streets of Seville is a wonderful experience; However, your experience will not be complete if you do not try its exquisite cuisine. Whether traditional dishes or world-class cuisine, we can assure you that “you will leave with a good taste in your mouth.” Seville is also the land of gazpacho; which is a delicious…

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Italian Mediterranean Cuisine

When we talk about Italian-Mediterranean cuisine in Seville; We are referring to a wide variety of dishes full of a unique flavor and that represent the gastronomy of different cultures settled around the beautiful Mediterranean basins. And it is here where Italian cuisine stands out with traditional recipes that are simply a spectacle for the palate. Already …

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best pizzerias seville

Best pizzas in Seville

Seville is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful provinces in all of Spain; It is a land that stands out not only for its enormous artistic and historical heritage, but also for its good gastronomy. And although it is full of delicious traditions, you can also taste great gourmet Italian food recipes mixed with traditional Iberian recipes! Like…

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romantic places seville

Romantic Places Seville

Seville is one of the most romantic European cities that exists. And many have even compared it with cities like Paris, Prague and Rome. Therefore, if you want to go on a romantic getaway with your partner; We will show you some of the most romantic places in Seville. What are the most romantic places in…

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Arab baths in Seville

Arab Baths Seville

The Arab baths in Seville would begin to appear since the arrival of the Muslim people in approximately the year 711, and where Spain would suffer an incredible revolution on a religious and cultural level. Thanks to this, new buildings would appear throughout the territory; and the Arab bath would undoubtedly be one of the most iconic. For the …

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what to do in seville on a sunday

What to do in Seville on a Sunday?

The Andalusian capital is a destination with a simply special color. And it is a truly interesting option to spend the weekend; It is precisely for this reason that we will show you What to do in Seville on a Sunday? Since there are many activities that you can carry out in this beautiful Spanish city. 7 Attractions…

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Charming restaurant in Seville

Charming restaurants in Seville

Talking about charming places, harmony, beauty and mysticism is thinking about Seville. A land of impressive architecture of Arab and Castilian styles, emblematic places that inspire beauty, culture and passion. But in addition to walking through its streets, enjoying its landscapes and visiting its museums, tasting the best...

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