Romantic Places Seville

Seville is one of the most romantic European cities that exists. And many have even compared it with cities like Paris, Prague and Rome. Therefore, if you want to go on a romantic getaway with your partner; We will show you some of the most romantic places in Seville

What are the most romantic places in Seville?

Seville is undoubtedly a magical place to enjoy as a couple or why not? to fall in love And it is precisely for this reason that we want to present to you its 9 most romantic places.

romantic places seville

1.Mount Gurugu

In the year 1849, the Duke of Montpensier he would give the order to build several gardens; he once acquired the Palacio de San Telmo. He Mount Gurugu It is one of them, and we can assure you that it is an icon of the beautiful capital of Seville. 

And, all the couples who enter it will be able to enjoy a beautiful walk among its large gardens full of flowers, its emblematic waterfall and some lanterns that make this place an ideal place to enjoy in the company of your better half. 

2. The Seville Tower and its Magnificent views

The Seville Tower is a perfect place to have some of the most incredible views of this beautiful Spanish city; And we are talking about the first skyscraper in all of Seville. Here, you can enjoy with your partner a magnificent panorama from a glass terrace more than 180 meters high. Without a doubt, one of the best places to enjoy a romantic sunset, or Seville illuminated at night

3. Horseback Riding through the City 

An activity that you cannot miss is enjoy a horseback ride through the most emblematic sites of Seville. And it is one of the most romantic ways to tour the city's monuments. In addition, there are several official stops where you can take a carriage, such as: María Luisa Park, La Plaza del Triunfo, La Plaza España, La Torre de Oro, or the Virgen de los Reyes to name a few. 

Or if you wish, you can talk to the coachman to wait for you at a different departure point, such as the doors of the hotel where you are staying. 

4. Plaza España and its Boat Rides

Plaza España is one of the most romantic places to visit in Seville. And it not only stands out for its beautiful architectural complex of more than 170 meters, but it also has a beautiful water canal that borders the square with an extension of more than 515 meters. 

On said channel boats can be rented to take a nice tour with your partner while you enjoy the views, and the rivers cross through its waters. 4 bridges that symbolize the ancient kingdoms of Spain

To fully enjoy it, we recommend taking this walk during the early morning hours or during the evening, since the light is more romantic and the sun much less intense. 

5. Enjoy the Guadalquivir River

A romantic walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir It is one of the unmissable plans in Seville. However, we recommend that you walk along the left side of the river, since this is where the famous Gold Tower, the Nao Victoria and the Triana Bridge are located. 

Or if you prefer, you can enjoy a cruise trip on the Guadalquivir. Well, you will find all kinds of romantic offers ranging from a quiet, simple trip to luxury boats that include dinner. Or why not! Exclusively rent a boat to enjoy in total privacy with your partner.

6. San Marco Santa Cruz for a Romantic Dinner

A romantic trip is not complete without a romantic dinner; and he restaurant San Marco Santa Cruz It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places that the Sevillian lands have. to taste a delicious dish of exquisite Italian-Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to having at your disposal a select wine list, and a wide variety of homemade desserts to enjoy in the company of your partner. And that's not all! Since this restaurant It is located in ancient Arab baths from the 12th century, very well preserved.; and this adds to the atmosphere a unique touch full of romance that you will hardly find anywhere else in the city. Visit them, you won't regret it!

7. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts 

If you and your partner are art lovers, the Museum of Fine Arts is a must-see in the city of Seville. To visit it is to find 13 rooms full of the works of the greatest painters and sculptors of Spain such as: Goya, Velázquez, Valdés Leal or Zurbarán.

8. The Mushrooms of Seville 

Visit the largest wooden structure in the world It can be one of the most striking romantic experiences that Seville has. This place is known as mushrooms due to its characteristic shapes; and it is one of the most striking viewpoints in the entire city. 

In it, you can enjoy a walk along its 250 meter walkway while you tour the city from above; and its 360-degree panoramic viewpoint make it a special place to take photographs and see the beautiful sunsets of the capital of Seville. 

9. Visit the Three Cultures Foundation 

What during the 90s was the morocco pavilion, today it has become the foundation of the three cultures. A place full of harmony and with an energy truly full of romance.

Now, we fully recommend enjoy the Candlelight; a beautiful concert held in this space and where with the music of legendary soundtracks and the romantic light of candles you can have a ““simply perfect plan”