Italian Mediterranean Cuisine

When we talk about Italian-Mediterranean cuisine in Seville; We are referring to a wide variety of dishes full of a unique flavor and that represent the gastronomy of different cultures settled around the beautiful basins of the Mediterranean. And it is here where Italian cuisine stands out with traditional recipes that are simply a spectacle for the palate. 

Since Italy and each of its regions; They hide different typical products, a great variety of cheeses and wines, exquisite fruits, and the finest vegetables. So it is no surprise that its cuisine is considered one of the best in the world.


What defines a good Italian-Mediterranean meal?

The answer is simple, it is a food of the highest quality, healthy and with balanced flavors unique in its style. And it goes from antipasti based extra virgin oil, preserved or roasted vegetables, very fresh vegetables and vinegar; until exquisite cheeses, olives, mushrooms !And of course! Select ingredients from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

To which are added Italian elements such as pasta or spaghetti with tomato sauce, varied aromatic herbs, red meats such as beef, pork, lamb, and white poultry meats such as chicken or duck, and of course The pizzas

And of course! These delicious recipes are always accompanied by a dessert; where they stand out  fresh fruits, sweet creams and dairy-based preparations like him and traditional and unique Tiramisu

The ingredients that cannot be missing in Italian-Mediterranean cuisine

What makes Italian Mediterranean food one of the most popular? Without a doubt it is the perfect harmony between its ingredients. And although there are hundreds; always stand out:

The olive oil

He Olio di Olive either Olive oil It could be considered a common thread between the delicious recipes of Italian-Mediterranean food. Therefore, finding it in basically any dish is something perfectly normal, although also healthy and extremely delicious. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables

This cuisine uses very fresh and seasonal natural ingredients. Now, the flavors of the tomato or pomodoro, garlic or aglio, and the Chili pepper known as peperoncino in the beautiful Italian lands. 

Regional meats 

Italian-Mediterranean cuisine avoids consuming any product that contains any type of GMOs or preservatives. This is how its accompaniments with lean meats, some seafood and lots of fish They are preferably from countries that belong to the European community, since The proximity makes the product much more natural and therefore exquisite

Wines, natural juices and coffee

An essential element that cannot be missing from the Italian-Mediterranean diet is wine; in its different presentations (white, rosé and red). Of course, preferably with natural effervescence and always avoiding artificial essences. 

While natural juices contain a high percentage of fruit pulp, since preservatives are not well regarded in this very select and special cuisine. 

And if we talk about coffee, there is a strong inclination towards beans from Africa and Indonesia. And it is represented by concentrated and more intense flavors, quite aromatic and served in small doses. 

Italian Mediterranean cuisine

Where can you eat authentic Italian-Mediterranean food in Seville?

If you are in Seville and are looking to taste this world-class cuisine; there is no better place than the restaurant San Marco Santa Cruz. A space with a historical and contemporary character located on Mesón del Moro street N° 6 in the Jewish quarter of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. 

Since it has positioned itself as one of the best Italian-Mediterranean cuisine restaurants that you can find in the Andalusian capital. Well, its menu includes dishes for all types of diners, including celiacs and vegetarians. 

Furthermore, their dishes are a journey for the palate through the finest flavors of this excellent gastronomy; since it includes everything from appetizers such as salmon rolls, garlic bread with basil oil, or cream of the vegetables of the day, to strong entries like duck confit, beef scaloppines and sirloin or Iberian pork cheeks. To which are added dishes of salmon, cod and tuna  of simply extraordinary quality. 

Not to mention, traditional desserts like the house tiramisu, the profiteroles and the cakes which are ideal to accompany any meal.

And of course, their select European wines, its infusions like green tea with mint and the Tuscan Irish coffees and cappuccinos; They are another choice that you should definitely try. And this is just to whet your appetite with everything it has to offer. Visit them, you won't regret it!