Charming restaurants in Seville

charming restaurants in seville

Talking about charming places, harmony, beauty and mysticism is thinking about Seville. A land of impressive architecture of Arab and Castilian styles, emblematic places that inspire beauty, culture and passion.

But in addition to walking through its streets, enjoying its landscapes and visiting its museums, tasting the best dishes in the best charming restaurants, it is another of the pleasures of life that Seville offers us.

The wonders of Seville

Between the beauty and the feeling that surrounds its people and those who visit it, Seville has an unparalleled wealth immersed in corners that speak of its history and traditions. Its gastronomy is unique and, together with its culture, is one of the main attractions for all those who want to visit it. 

The Museum of Fine Arts, the monumental gardens, the Plaza de España, the Torre de Oro, the Palacio Reales Alcázares and the monumental Gothic Cathedral of Seville, are some of the most recognized places that we all know and have even visited, but where We can give the palate a well-deserved gift, what are the best charming restaurants in Seville?

Charming restaurant in Seville

3 charming restaurants in Seville

We want you to discover gastronomic Seville, which is the best ending to an unforgettable day and where our palate can enjoy the best flavors of the south, which is why we want to recommend these 3 charming restaurants in Seville. 

After strolling through its cozy streets, visiting corners dressed in art, satisfying that thirst for culture and history and feeding the soul, it is time to choose the best charming restaurants in Seville To please the palate, let's see what they are:

1.- San Marco Santa Cruz

With more than 30 years of good work, the restaurants San Marco from Seville are born from an Italian family that settles in Spain to bring the best in Mediterranean cuisine. Very close to the Cathedral of Seville, San Marco Santa Cruz is located, on Calle Mesón del Moro, No. 6. 

A restaurant built in old Arab baths from the 12th century, where at that time it was a meeting place for high places and great personalities and where today exquisite menus are tasted, by the best international chefs who make San Marco the best charming restaurant in Seville. 

On its three levels, this special restaurant offers different environments: Bóveda y Arcos, the Almorí Room, the Abstract Room, the Giralda Room and the highest of all the Palomar Room, from any of its spaces, the excellent food and the quality of the service is present to give it the perfect touch between elegance, beauty, comfort and exquisiteness.

Dedicated to Italian and Mediterranean food, you can choose from an extensive menu, the most delicious combinations of avant-garde and classic recipes, fresh and seasonal foods, homemade desserts and wines.

Its extensive menu highlights its fresh pasta, risotto, spaghetti, pasta, meats and fish, which manage to fuse Mediterranean food with an Andalusian touch. It also has tasting menu for those who want to enjoy a gastronomic experience at another level.

charming restaurant seville

2.- Grandfather's Garage

Another alternative we have is the Cochera del Abuelo, located on Calle Álvaro de Bazan, No. 2 in the middle of the old town. A gastronomic space where international, Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine converge to give its customers a variety of traditional dishes with a new, renewed spirit.

Good taste is present in one of the most charming restaurants in Seville installed in a space that is also unusual, such as the garage of a 19th century house. Here the details were carefully studied to reform it and convert it into what is today an elegant environment in a house with tradition. 

A second floor with a very cozy touch allows you to taste the best wines and enjoy an intimate evening in the company of family and friends. Its exquisite desserts sweeten the palate and harmoniously complement a perfect meal in our second proposal for those looking for charming restaurants in Seville.

Grandpa's garage

3.- Casa Manolo León – Guadalquivir

To taste the best dishes of traditional Andalusian food in Seville, there is no doubt that the Casa Manolo León restaurant is also one of the best options. Located on Calle Guadalquivir, No. 12, this wonderful place is a meeting center for haute cuisine and a meeting place for special groups.

For the greater comfort of its clients, it offers 4 rooms decorated with different themes, it has an Andalusian patio, a place surrounded by natural vegetation with a fresh climate and the smell of the forest and on the upper floor, it has a pergola terrace with a beautiful view. 

Between the combination of autumn colors and the exceptional flavor of its dishes, it is one of the charming restaurants in Seville that we cannot stop visiting. Among its gastronomic successes is tuna, prepared in different ways with the best and freshest accompaniments. 

With the best service and the most pleasant atmosphere, diners will have the pleasure of tasting exquisite dishes composed of Iberian meats, hot or cold starters, stews, salads, fish and meats. 

Casa Manolo León – Guadalquivir

Exquisite gastronomy in Seville

As you have seen Seville in a land of grace, romanticism, a lot of faith, and wonderful gastronomy, if you are looking for a special place to eat we hope that our list with the best charming restaurants in Seville has been useful to you, since they are undoubtedly an excellent idea to visit, discover and enjoy both with friends and family.

In them you will discover an exquisite gastronomy that incorporates all the senses and pleases the soul with menus influenced by Andalusian cuisine, where olive trees, almonds, oranges and wines are present in dishes that will not leave anyone indifferent.