Fresh pasta in San Marco Santa Cruz, Seville

Introduction: Fresh Pasta in Seville

Fresh pasta is an iconic dish of Italian gastronomy that has conquered palates around the world. At the Italian restaurant San Marco Santa Cruz, located in Seville, you can enjoy this culinary delight with a mix of tradition and modernity. In this article, we will tell you the history and some curiosities about fresh pasta, so that you can appreciate its flavor even more when you try it in this charming place.

Kneading fresh pasta on table

1. The origin of pasta

Pasta has its origins in the ancient Etruscan civilization, more than 2,000 years ago. However, it was the Romans who popularized it and brought it to different parts of Europe during their expansion. In the beginning, pasta was made with basic ingredients such as wheat flour and water, and dried in the sun to preserve it.

2. Fresh Italian pasta

Fresh Italian pasta is a type of pasta that is made with wheat flour and eggs, which gives it a soft and delicate texture. At San Marco Santa Cruz, the traditional Italian recipe is followed to prepare this pasta, using fresh and top quality ingredients. The result is a fresh pasta with unmatched flavor and aroma.

Fresh pasta with egg

3. The importance of pasta in Italian gastronomy

Pasta is considered one of the fundamental pillars of Italian gastronomy. It is so important that there is even a World Pasta Day, celebrated on October 25 of each year. In Italy, more than 3 million tons of pasta are consumed annually, demonstrating the passion and devotion of Italians for this dish.

4. The art of making fresh pasta

Making fresh pasta is an art that requires skill and patience. In San Marco Santa Cruz, there is a team of expert chefs who are in charge of preparing fresh pasta in an artisanal way. From kneading the dough to shaping it, each step is done with care and dedication to ensure the best quality in each dish.

Sheet fresh pasta

5. Innovation in fresh pasta

Although traditional fresh pasta remains a classic in Italian gastronomy, in San Marco Santa Cruz a touch of innovation has been incorporated. Thanks to the collaboration of our different chefs, we have applied new techniques and combinations of ingredients, which give rise to unique flavors. Always respecting the freshest and local raw materials, as we always do.

Fresh flour and egg pasta


Fresh pasta is a culinary treasure that has transcended borders and conquered hearts around the world. At the Italian restaurant San Marco Santa Cruz, tribute is paid to this emblematic dish, combining Italian tradition with a touch of modernity and a wide variety of types of pasta as well as sauces to combine it. If you want to enjoy a good plate of pasta as if you were in Italy, do not hesitate to visit San Marco Santa Cruz in the preserved Arab baths from the 12th century.

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