Unusual Places in Seville

In Seville, there are corners and monuments that surprisingly defy the typical identity of the city. From underground labyrinths to romantic Arab baths, including the last refuge of Curro, icon of Expo 92. Discover all these unusual places in Seville in this list that we have created for you:

Roman Cistern in the Plaza de la Pescadería

Roman Cistern in the Plaza de la Pescadería

A symbol of a secret past, this cistern, discovered in 2006, is located surprisingly close to the surface, revealing the existence of an ancient Seville beneath our feet.

Curros Cemetery

Cemetery of the Curros Seville

To venture into the “Cementerio de los Curros” is to encounter the enduring smile of a mortality that marked a time of rebirth during Expo '92 and that refuses to be forgotten.

Triana Ceramics Center and its Pottery Legacy

Triana Ceramics Center and its Pottery Legacy

This center not only exhibits clay craftsmanship, but also encapsulates the soul of the neighborhood in every piece and corner, reinventing the tourist experience with an artisanal and authentic touch.

The Ariane 4 rocket replica

The Replica of the Ariane rocket 4 unusual places in Seville

Monument to the Stars A tribute to innovation and the dreams of the cosmos, this replica of the Ariane 4 stands firm as a space lookout on Cartuja Island.

Houses of the Jewish Quarter

Houses Palace Santa Cruz neighborhood unusual places in Seville

These palace houses, with their secret tunnels and pieces of living history, offer a lodging experience that you won't find anywhere else in the city.

Haman Almohad

Haman Almohad

Hidden Treasure in Bar Giralda This Arab bath, found by chance and full of art and history, constitutes an unexpectedly preserved page of Seville's rich past.

Three Cultures Foundation

Three Cultures Foundation

Cultural Union Bridge Located in the old Moroccan Pavilion, this place symbolizes dialogue and peaceful coexistence between various cultures of the Mediterranean, in a framework of art and tolerance.

Palace of the Countess of Lebrija and its Roman Mosaics

Palace of the Countess of Lebrija and its Roman Mosaics unusual places in Seville

This palace stands as a museum of mosaic floors and Renaissance works, an architectural relic that houses treasures from imperial times.

Artillery Factory

Artillery Factory unusual places in Seville

Future Creative Bastion Formerly dedicated to the manufacture of weapons, it now hopes to be transformed into a hive of creativity, preserving its industrial essence and adapting it to the present.

Schindler Tower

Schindler Tower unusual places in Seville

With its avant-garde design and panoramic views, the Schindler Tower breaks the mold and presents itself as a modern beacon in a predominantly traditional skyline.

Arab baths from the 12th century

Arab baths 12th century San Marco Santa Cruz unusual places in Seville

Located on Mesón del Moro street number 4, in the heart of Barrio Santa Cruz, are these preserved Arab baths from the 12th century that house the famous San Marco Santa Cruz restaurant. An iconic Italian restaurant with a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes and exceptional customer service.

Arab Baths Medina Aljarafe

Arab Baths Medina Aljarafe unusual places in Seville

An Andalusian Oasis These baths transport visitors to a corner of calm and Arab tradition, with their thermal waters and environments steeped in history.


Each of these unusual places in Seville, with its unique and surprising essence, offers a different perspective of the Andalusian capital, leaving aside the familiar silhouette of the Giralda and the bustle of the center to reveal enchanted chapters that remain alive in their streets and squares.