Where to eat in Seville?

where to eat in seville

Visiting or walking the streets of Seville is a wonderful experience; However, your experience will not be complete if you do not try its exquisite cuisine. Whether it is traditional dishes, or world-class cuisine, we can assure you that ““You will leave with a good taste in your mouth.”.

Seville is also the land of gazpacho; which is a delicious cold soup made with garlic, tomato, peppers, cucumber and bread. Just as you can taste a wide variety of fried fish, where the smallest ones with the least amount of bones stand out. And of course! It is the earthly paradise of tapas.

Anyway, wherever you go; The Andalusian capital is not far behind when it comes to sitting at the table to taste the most delicious flavors of Spain and why not! from anywhere in the world. 

Food in Seville: What type of cuisine can you find?

Andalusia is a true gastronomic festival for those who visit it, and its flavors and typical dishes are not all it has to offer. We are referring to a phenomenon that is increasingly gaining popularity and that has brought to the city international proposals with ingredients Sevillians.  

This is how you can travel from your table to any place in the world; with increasingly broader international gastronomic offerings ready to conquer the select palates of any diner.

Whether it is from the experience of quality foreign chefs, or from Spaniards who know first-hand the delicious recipes outside the Sevillian borders; You can find a haute cuisine restaurant in Seville specializing in Mexican, Japanese, Arabic, Latin American, Italian dishes and basically any cuisine you want to enjoy.

where to eat well in seville

So where to eat in Seville? It's a really difficult question to answer. Well, there is so much quality and variety of restaurants in Seville that making a choice is difficult.

However, there are simply exceptional places. AND The restaurant we have chosen not only stands out for its historic location; but for presenting some of the most delicious and most prestigious cuisine that can exist., Italian-Mediterranean cuisine

Eat at San Marco Santa Cruz (Seville)

Without a doubt an ideal place to eat in Seville is San Marco Santa Cruz; since they masterfully prepare a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes with a strong Italian character, all thanks to fresh and local ingredients that guarantee your diners a simply unique flavor and that has earned a position as one of the best places in the city.

However, as we mentioned before, your food is not everything! And this enclosure It is located inside wonderfully preserved 12th century Arab baths or hot springs.. And this is something that can't be found anywhere else in the city..

In addition, for the taste of its diners it presents several rooms such as: the Almorí hall; a beautiful space that is inspired by an elegant and sophisticated mix between the French decorative style and Mudejar architecture, or the lounge  abstract; a space that plays with color and lights to contrast perfectly with the restaurant's decor, and finally the giralda room; a cozy and homely space located in the highest part of San Marco and that inspires its name in one of the most important monuments of the Andalusian capital. And by the way! It is located quite close to the venue, of course, we mean “The Giralda".  

Returning to its kitchen, it presents an astonishing variety of flavors and dishes that exceptionally mix the most outstanding elements of Italian and Mediterranean food. Not to mention one incredible range of artisan desserts, vegetarian options and a specialized menu for celiacs

Their menus range from appetizers to the most popular meats, fish, pastas and pizzas of this excellent gastronomy; although always with a unique and distinctive touch of San Marco Santa Cruz, since the “special house recipes” They give them that novel touch that has caught the attention of Sevillians so much. 

An example is the delicious San Marco pizza; that combine fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, oregano, eggs, mushrooms and cooked ham to give your palate a totally new experience. Or his famous Tiramisu; which is presented in the menu as an improved and unique recipe from San Marco Santa Cruz.

And all this without mentioning delicious haute cuisine dishes such as mare fruit spaghetti with prawns, squid, mussels, tomato and garlic; tagliatelle salmon, cream and caviar; or the Cod fillet with baked potatoes and piquillo peppers. Just to mention a few dishes from their extensive menu. 

What makes San Marco Santa Cruz the best place to eat in Seville?

Without a doubt, experience has placed San Marco Santa Cruz in the place where it is today. And it is that This Italian family based in Seville has more than 30 years of service to its distinguished clientele.. And it offers exquisite decoration; and an entirely artisanal gourmet kitchen that became a benchmark in the beautiful capital of Seville.