Restaurants Seville Center

Seville is truly unique and fascinating; However, the center of Seville is one of the areas with the greatest commercial, tourist and traffic boom that you can find in the city. This extends between the squares of the Duque-Campana, El Salvador, Magdalena, Plaza Nueva, Puerta Pérez, San Francisco and the famous Sevillian Cathedral.

Turning this beautiful urban complex into one of the most interesting places in all of Spain. And its streets bring together artistic, cultural, historical and gastronomic heritage that is worth knowing. 

Today we want to focus on gastronomy, since Seville, as an epicenter of Andalusia, presents some of the most exquisite and exotic international cuisine in Spain.. Furthermore, not everything in the city focuses on shrimp, ham and sirloin; since you can also taste nachos, a delicious ragù sauce, or an artisanal haute cuisine pizza.

This is how the restaurants in the center of Seville offer us a range of flavors and cuisines that They will take your palate beyond the Spanish borders. And they have brought their exotic dishes to a land of culinary tradition such as Seville.

Seville restaurant in the center

The center of Seville and international cuisine 

The traditional cuisine of the Sevillian lands is a true delight; However, these lands today have become authentic hosts of a splendid range of flavors and culinary experiences of international prestige.  

Reason why, a good restaurant in central Seville is represented by the flavors of the region's exquisite fresh ingredients; but at the same time for a world-class recipe book of the most excellent cuisines on the planet. 

This way, you can access Greek food or Turkish kebab restaurants, or why not! A tasting of the most delicious food from Latin America such as Venezuelan arepas or an authentic Argentine barbecue.  

So if you have asked yourself where to eat in central Seville? We will tell you that everything will depend on the cuisine you want to taste. However, there are restaurants that are simply unique, and that stand out from the rest not only for their attention and delicious food; but through inspiring spaces that often become a historical journey. And of course! full of flavor.

And this is the case of the restaurant that we have decided to present today; since not only is it one of the most popular in the center of Seville, but they also have extensive tradition and experience in one of the most famous cuisines in the world; the Italian-Mediterranean cuisine.  

Visit the San Marco Santa Cruz in central Seville

There is nothing more central in the city of Seville than the Santa Cruz neighborhood, and in its Jewish quarter specifically on Calle Mesón del Moro n° 6 is the San Marco Santa Cruz restaurant. 

An enclosure that seems straight out of the bookArabian Nights" Which is the reason? Just imagine dining in beautiful 12th century Mudejar style Arab baths or hot springs. completely rehabilitated and preserved almost to perfection. Without a doubt something fascinating!

In addition, and as we mentioned previously, this restaurant has opted for Italian-Mediterranean cuisine; which is accompanied by an impressive wine cellar that It is ideal to accompany your dishes with one of the most complete pairings in the entire city..  

It also presents a delicious tasting menu so that its diners can discover the secrets and flavors of its menu, while at the same time trying out the concept of its haute cuisine. And with more than 30 years of experience and service; we can guarantee you a meal to remember.

Besides, Their dishes are purely artisanal., so its flavors and textures retain a freshness that is not easy to achieve; and that only high-quality restaurants can present on your table.

So you can find delicious snacks like smoked salmon rolls, avocado and prawn salad or a delicious carpaccio with arugula and parmesan cheese. Succulents beef scallops in wine either duck confit with orange, pear and red wine sauce 

And of course! We cannot forget its international Italian food where the ravioli stuffed with ricotta and Maltese sauce, lasagna bolognese, or a traditional Neapolitan pizza; just to mention some of their magnificent dishes. In short, the San Marco Santa Cruz is an authentic experience to eat in the center of Seville. And we guarantee it! That Each thing they offer is unique, since their recipes have been passed down from generation to generation; and they keep delicious secrets that you won't be able to find in any other restaurant. from the center of Seville.