Top 10 Best restaurants in Seville in 2023

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Spain, and among its many attractions such as its art, its cultural and historical heritage, its gastronomy stands out. Fish, meat, olive oil and nuts are the protagonists of typical Sevillian and Mediterranean dishes. There is no doubt that the city is a great reference for gastronomy, and if you want to delight in its flavors, you should know which are the restaurants that you cannot miss if you are passing through the city. To do this, below we will tell you which are the 10 best restaurants in Seville. 

Puerta de la Carne Frying Shop

This restaurant offers an enormous relationship between price and quality, and in addition to that it stands out for preparing the best adobo in the entire city. Although many bars and restaurants in Seville have “fried fish” on their menu, if you want to try the true flavor of this dish we recommend that you do it at Freidura Puerta de la Carne. The establishment was founded in 1929 and is located in the center of the city at the entrance to the Jewish Quarter and close to the Murillo Gardens.

San Marco Santa Cruz

This is a great option if you are looking for a gourmet experience. The structure itself is impressive, since the restaurant is located in some old Arab baths from the 12th century. High-level Italian-Mediterranean food is offered, which, added to the warm service, elegant decoration and natural stone surroundings, make the experience memorable. The San Marco Santa Cruz restaurant is located on Mesón del Moro street, in the Sevillian Jewish quarter next to the Giralda.

Ricardo House - Old Ovid House

If you want to try the best croquettes in all of Seville, this is your option. The restaurant was founded in 1899 when it was dedicated to selling groceries, wines and liquors. Then it evolved to become a benchmark in local gastronomy with a wide variety of dishes on its menu that are faithful to its roots, Sevillian tapas.

Postigo Grocery Store

The house specialty is tapas, and among them the tuna tartare and pringa stand out. This restaurant has great and well-deserved fame, thanks to the quality of the ingredients with which they make their preparations. A particular detail is that both the tapas and the other dishes offered on their menu are prepared at a bar in full view of the diner.

Casa Manolo León

This restaurant offers Andalusian food at a gourmet level. The most demanding palates will find their place in this old and elegant Sevillian manor house. The dishes are made with high quality ingredients, following traditional recipes but with a modern touch. Casa Manolo León offers several vegetarian options on its menu, so there are options for everyone. A notable detail is that the establishment has a beautiful garden where you can also eat.

Alvaro Peregil Tavern

It is a popular tavern among locals and tourists, thanks to its abundant and tasty dishes. Located in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, it is one of the most affordable gastronomic establishments in Seville, but they do not skimp on quality. The site has a typical Sevillian decoration with mahogany furniture and colorful mosaics.

Lobo Lopez

This is a different proposal, which combines a tropical and exotic touch with the most traditional Andalusian cuisine. In a beautiful Andalusian patio you can enjoy dishes that combine these profiles, being able to taste everything from poke to salmorejo.

black market

With an ecological touch, this restaurant will catch your attention from its exterior thanks to the fresh vegetables that decorate its façade. The dishes are made with ingredients freshly extracted from the garden, and have a simplicity that does not take away from their personality or flavor. The establishment also periodically offers workshops where you can learn how to prepare its healthy dishes.


A must-see in the center of Seville with three basic pillars, spacious design, modernity and a wide variety of dishes on its menu. This restaurant stands out for its abundant tapas that you can accompany with the best beers. It is located in the Hotel Inglés on Plaza Nueva street.

The Pinton

A classic but remarkable restaurant. El Pintón is a beautiful Andalusian patio that has outdoor tables, and among its delicious dishes its rice dishes stand out. The establishment offers classic and innovative dishes, with flavors that will make you think about returning.


As you can see, the best restaurants in Seville not only offer you gastronomy of the highest quality, but they also offer you a great diversity and variety of dishes to delight your palate. The only difficult thing will be deciding which one to visit first!