Wine list in Seville

A "wine list"  It is a specialized list that indicates the wine offering that an establishment has. It is prepared by a Master's room or a Sommelier; and works like a menu or card.

Although this particular letter establishes a clear subdivision between the different types of wine. So within each section you can find young or aged wines, the strains of their origin and of course! its type. That is to say: reds, whites, rosés or sparkling wines.

If you are a wine lover, The capital of Seville is an ideal place for tasting and tasting one of the oldest drinks in the world. And we assure you! Than a wine list in Seville; save the names of the most exquisite nuances that this grape liqueur can offer you. 

Wine list in Seville

How to choose the best wine from a menu? 

If you don't have enough knowledge, choosing the best wine on the list can be a bit complicated. Well, we must not only know the particularity that each grape offers us, but also the secret that accompanies each wine denomination depending on its origin. 

Therefore, we cannot settle for being carried away by an attractive label or an interesting name; and The best option will always be to ask the sommelier for help.

Now, if you want to learn a little about how to choose a good wine in Seville beyond the physical appearance of the bottle, in order to appreciate its interior. We will give you some interesting tips on how to achieve it:

Define what your favorite wine is

Before opening a wine list in Seville you must start from the fact: What wine do you prefer? Well, maybe you enjoy the white over the pink; and that is already a good base. And as we mentioned previously, these cards will be structured according to: the type of wine, its national or international origin, and even by grape varieties or organoleptic characteristics (dry, powerful, fresh or aromatic). 

Learn about the area's wine style

Beyond a commercial brand, it is valuable to know the wine of the area and the style of wine that is made there. For example in Seville; There are 4 wine-producing areas of the province: The Sierra del Norte, the Bajo Guadalquivir, the Aljarafe Sevillano and La Campiña. And each of them produces wines with their own and unique personality. 

What you are going to eat is very important 

Wine has always been a perfect companion to different types of food; and with the right choice, you can give a dish perfect harmony, contrast and consistency. This art is known as pairing; and although it does not follow any exact science, there are some golden rules that almost never fail. And it is just what we will talk about next. 

Seville wine list

Wine list: Which wine to choose according to the food?

If you want to know the basic aspects of wine pairing, you must know some aspects that are fundamental. Thus; we will see some food groups accompanied by wines that significantly improve the gastronomic experience


At this point, you can pair pickles and cheeses with white and dry wines. Although red wines such as Pinot Noir or a light wine can be a total success. 

Red meats:

Red meats are an ideal dish to be combined with powerful red wines. Therefore, a barbecue can be mixed with any variety of Rioja or some foreign wines such as Cabernet Franc, Syrah or Malbec. While if we are talking about a stew, wines made from Carignan or Garnacha grapes can be chosen. 

White meats:

In these cases, the correct choice will depend on important factors such as the garnish of the dish, the sauce and the preparation. This is how turkey or chicken meat mixes harmoniously with dry white wines and that they are not acidic like the parellada or the xarelo. While if the menu includes strong garnishes, a young but powerful white wine should be chosen! 

Rice and paellas:

A traditional part of Sevillian gastronomy is “paella” and for this type of dishes you should choose dry and light white wines; preferably with fruity aromas as is the case with Sauvignon blanc. Although if you prefer reds, you can choose pinot noir due to its light flavor. 


A traditional element in Italian Mediterranean cuisine They are shellfish and seafood. And both pair perfectly with any white wine; whether sweet, barrel-aged or classic like Chardonnay. 


Another perfect meat to harmonize with white wines, although without a doubt the best option is those that are acidic and dry such as txakoli or Verdejo wine. Now, fish like salmon that turn out to be a little more fatty; It is perfect to pair with young red wines.


Salads have a particular rule; and it is that They do not combine well with sweet wines. Instead; You can choose fruity and dry white wines, as well as fresh sparkling wines or rosé wines. 


If the dessert is fruity, it is ideal to choose wines such as Muscat. Now, if your choice is a chocolate dessert, nothing better than a powerful red wine. 

choose the best wine list

Where can I get a good wine list in Seville?

If you are looking for the perfect balance between Italian-Mediterranean haute cuisine and exquisite wine; you can choose San Marco Santa Cruz Restaurant for your next evening. Since they have one of the most complete and excellent wine lists in all of Seville. 

In its menu you can find red, rosé, white and sparkling wines of different ages, shades and origins (DO) such as: Andalusian, Penedés, La Sierra Norte of Seville, Rueda, Rioja, Baixas or Ribeiro, and Italian wines from Verdicchio dei Castelli, Moscato D'asti and Lombardy; just to mention a few of them.

While their sommeliers are experts in combining the aromas, flavors, textures and acidity of each dish you choose; to provide your palate with that gastronomic harmony that only a true wine professional can offer you.

Visit them at Mesón del Moro street nº 6 in the Santa Cruz neighborhood in Seville and live a unique experience. We assure you; You won't find something like this anywhere else in the city.