Best restaurants for celiacs in Seville

Exploring Seville's food scene becomes an even greater delight when special dietary needs are considered. For those following a gluten-free diet due to celiac disease or gluten intolerance, finding restaurants that offer safe and delicious dishes can be a real challenge. In this article, we will dive into the best restaurants for celiacs in Seville, highlighting culinary destinations that not only offer exquisite flavors, but also adapted menu options that guarantee an authentic and worry-free dining experience for all diners.

San Marco Santa Cruz

restaurant for celiacs san marco santa cruz in seville

In San Marco Santa Cruz, celiacs can enjoy Italian cuisine without giving up quality or flavor. The restaurant offers a wide range of gluten-free dishes, made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. The menu includes classic gluten-free options, such as pizzas, pasta and risotto, as well as chocolate cakes, bread and beer suitable for celiacs. San Marco Santa Cruz is committed to the safety of its celiac clients. The restaurant has a privileged location in the center of Seville, very close to La Giralda. The atmosphere is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a romantic dinner or special occasion.

black market

black market restaurant

Located next to Marialuisa Park, this restaurant ecological Use seasonal products and crafts from the garden to the livestock. If you are looking for a healthy, sustainable and delicious diet, Estraperlo is your place. It offers a menu based on organic and seasonal products, as well as a multidisciplinary space. They also have takeaway food and a store where you can buy organic products.

Of the O

restaurant of the o

The renowned De la O restaurant, established more than four years ago next to the Guadalquivir River, stands out for its focus on local cuisine and use of seasonal products. Its menu, predominantly gluten-free, reflects a refined culinary proposal. Its chef, Manuel, leads the kitchen of this gastronomic project, considered a benchmark for its exquisite culinary proposal and its commitment to quality cuisine.


Located near the Alfalfa area, Habanita is recognized as an ideal place for vegetarians, offering an extensive menu adapted for celiacs. It fuses Mediterranean cuisine with Caribbean touches, highlighting banana meatballs in tomato sauce among its dishes.


Tradevo, in Nervión, is an unmissable place that captures the southern essence in its dishes with great attention to detail. They offer roast chicken croquettes, calamari and desserts, all gluten-free. They use organic flours and special fryers to guarantee safety in the preparations. It is a must-see in Seville.

Thirst for Mexico

In the heart of Santa Cruz, Sed de México offers an authentic Mexican gastronomic experience, surprising with gluten-free dishes. With a view of the Giralda, its corn tortillas and its extensive menu guarantee a safe culinary feast for celiacs. It is not just a tourist corner, it is a true culinary paradise.

Mrs. Bread

This restaurant in Seville, Señora Pan, does not reveal in its name its attention to celiacs, but it offers a wide gluten-free variety along with vegan and vegetarian dishes. Their delicious desserts crown a carefree culinary experience.

The passage

restaurant the passage

They have an updated and simple menu with special dishes and chef recommendations. They offer gluten-free options such as salmon or tuna tartares, grilled goat cheese, and chicken tikka masala with black rice. They also include a gluten-free burger and have additional options for celiacs off the menu.

Mango with Salt

mango restaurant with salt

Near Plaza Nueva, this place offers the experience of Venezuelan cuisine with authentic dishes such as tequeño, arepa, empanada, patacón or cachapón. Enjoy their delicacies at the premises or take them to enjoy at home.


Discovering restaurants with safe options for celiacs in Seville is an enriching experience that highlights the gastronomic diversity of the city. From traditional offerings to innovative dishes, each selected location guarantees a worry-free dining experience. Awareness of celiac disease is driving these establishments to offer adapted menus, with delicious and gluten-free options to satisfy all diners. This list of the best restaurants for celiacs not only take care of quality and flavor, but also prioritize food safety, giving those who suffer from celiac disease the opportunity to enjoy exquisite and risk-free cuisine. If you want to know more information about celiac disease, click here.