What to do in Seville on a Sunday?

what to do in seville on a sunday

The Andalusian capital is a destination with a simply special color. And it is a truly interesting option to spend the weekend; It is precisely for this reason that we will show you What to do in Seville on a Sunday? Since there are many activities that you can carry out in this beautiful Spanish city. 

7 Attractions to do in Seville on Sunday

The best activities you can do in Seville on a Sunday are the following:

1.- Walk to the Cathedral and the Alcázar

The Cathedral of Seville is the largest in the world, is declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and as an Asset of Exceptional Universal Value. Its construction began in 1401, its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style makes it a place of unique charm and unmatched beauty. Seeing it from afar and exploring its structure is an experience that you will never forget. 

On the other hand, visiting the Reales Alcázares is another thing you can do in Seville. This set of palaces is the oldest in Europe; and once you visit it, you will be able to learn about its history from the 10th century to the present day. Without a doubt, it is a spectacular walk through historical monuments, wonderful views and works bathed in the finest Spanish art.   

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2.- Visit the incredible murals of the Polígono San Pablo

A place that is not well known by tourists who visit the city, but that is undoubtedly attractive and visually unique is the Polígono de San Pablo. And this is due to the 42 urban art murals that adorn your corners and buildings; and that not only give color to the streets of the neighborhood, but also show beautiful reflective images with a very altruistic vision of a better future.

3.- Walk along the Guadalquivir River

If you are thinking about what to do in Seville on a Sunday and you like water activities, a boat ride on the Guadalquivir River It is an excellent alternative. And the boats in charge of these journeys will take you through emblematic monuments, and will give you views of the city that are difficult to find anywhere else. 

Among the most emblematic monuments located on the banks of the Guadalquivir is the Golden Tower. Which was built as a defensive tower against enemy ships; and whose participation was part of past events that marked the history of Seville.

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4.- Bike Rides through Seville

A wonderful ride through the streets of Seville by bicycle can be an extremely interesting activity. So if you are one of those who enjoy doing sports and getting out of the routine a little, this is one of the best choices you will find. 

You can visit emblematic Sevillian neighborhoods such as El Arenal and Trianto, or the Maria Luisa Park; an amazing garden located in front of the emblematic Plaza España, full of magnificent sculptures and green areas of great beauty and natural charm. 

Or you can also visit all those incredible places in the city and off the tourist circuit such as: inquisition alley and the Saint George Castle, the pacifier town hall square, the 3 Roman columns from Mármoles Street, or the Pantheon either Mausoleum of the illustrious Sevillians located below the church of the assumption; to name a few of them.

5.- Eat in San Marco Santa Cruz

The time always comes to give your palate a treat. A few meters from the Cathedral and the Alcázares is the Italian restaurant San Marco Santa Cruz, an exclusive place chosen as one of the best charming restaurants in Seville for its architecture and excellent food. 

And tasting delicious Mediterranean dishes in a restaurant located in the middle of some 12th century Arab baths, it will be an experience that will please each of your senses. In its five different environments, diners will enjoy a space dedicated to Mediterranean cuisine, with exquisite dishes, homemade desserts and wines.

So if we take into account its unprecedented and historic location inside a hammam, its delicious mix of Italo-Sevillian flavors, and its excellent attention and first-class service. We can say that eating at San Marco Santa Cruz is an experience that you should live at least once in your life when visiting Seville. 


6.- Flamenco afternoons or evenings

The original art of Andalusia is shown through flamenco, the result of the mix of cultures that inhabited the lands of Seville. It is an emblematic complement of dance, singing and music that became an artistic expression of Spain, and that you should enjoy if you visit Seville. 

Listening to an afternoon of flamenco in any of the establishments in the central area is to immerse yourself in Spanish passion; and gives a perfect touch to all the activities you can do in Seville on a Sunday. 

7.- Stay at the Casa del Poeta Boutique Hotel

If you want to rest, very close to the historic center of Seville you will find the Poet's House Hotel, a perfect place to stay. Since it is a place of luxury, comfort and above all elegance. 

Resting in your rooms will be the perfect way to close the day of walking through the most beautiful of the provinces in Spain. In them you will find everything you need, maximum comfort, balconies with splendid views, limestone bathrooms, comfortable beds with Egyptian cotton sheets and everything that a 4-star hotel offers with the highest quality and commitment to the guest.

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