Best pizzas in Seville

best pizzerias seville

Seville is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful provinces in all of Spain; It is a land that stands out not only for its enormous artistic and historical heritage, but also for its good gastronomy. And although it is full of delicious traditions, you can also taste great gourmet Italian food recipes mixed with traditional Iberian recipes. Finger-licking good!

And in this particular, “Pizza” is one of the most famous Italian dishes in the world; This despite the fact that many classify it within the fast food category. Which is not entirely true, since when prepared by the right hands, it can become a delicacy of haute cuisine.

This is how the best pizza in Seville becomes a dish of infinite possibilities, while integrating natural ingredients of the highest quality and freshness; all balanced and in perfect proportion to give your palate an experience of authentic Italian-Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of the “pearl of the Guadalquivir”.

pizza seville

Where to find the best traditional pizza in Seville?

If you are a true lover of avant-garde Italian food and are looking for a good pizza in Seville; There is a mandatory stop that you cannot miss: restaurant San Marco Santa Cruz.

An avant-garde and traditional restaurant that was born from an Italian family living in the capital of Seville, and that offers its diners totally innovative, artisanal cuisine but with strong roots in classic Italian gastronomy. Which guarantees inspiring and simply incomparable flavors. 

This is located in the emblematic Santa Cruz neighborhood, at the foot of the beautiful Giralda; and 30 years since its foundation, it has become one of the most select venues for Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian character that the city has. 

This is how visiting them not only guarantees that you will taste one of the best pizzas in Seville, but you will also have personalized, first-hand attention in one of the most iconic and historic environments in all of Spain. Since this restaurant located on the busy Mesón del Moro street; It is located inside perfectly preserved 12th century Arab baths or hot springs. Could you ask for more?

best pizza restaurants seville