Top 10 Tasting Menus in Seville

For some time now, restaurants that offer tasting menus in Seville have become very popular among lovers of good gastronomy around the world. Associated with haute cuisine and gourmet dishes, a tasting menu allows diners to enjoy a wide variety of flavors in the same meal. That is why we have decided to create this list with the top 10 tasting menus in Seville.

In general, this type of menu has a minimum of 5 dishes, which combine textures, flavors, smells and temperatures that, together with the appropriate pairing, become an experience to enjoy with all five senses.

Seville, of course, is no exception, with a common thread that leads from one dish to the next, the tasting menu is prepared with the precision of a surgeon and the good taste of an artist. The aim is always to tell a story, using the most typical elements of the area, to highlight them and make the experience a journey for the senses.

Executive Chef of San Marco Santa Cruz reading an order.
Executive Chef of San Marco Santa Cruz reading an order.

Tasting menu prices in Seville

Currently, there are a good number of restaurants that offer tasting menus, which range between €30 and €225 per person.

The 10 Best tasting menus in Seville

Within the top 10 tasting menus in Seville we find some of the most interesting restaurants in Andalusia, with options for all tastes and the most demanding palates. Here we have put together a list of the best restaurants that you cannot miss in Seville if you are interested in tasting menus. 

  • Ispal Restaurant: Located on Prado Street in San Sebastián, Ispal is, from its name, a place where you can savor the most typically Sevillian flavors. Chef Jorge Manfredi is in charge of the kitchen and menus start at €99 per person.
  • San Marco Santa Cruz Restaurant: Without a doubt, one of the references of gastronomy in Seville. Located on Mesón del Moro street, this old and preserved Arab bath offers a true experience for the senses that goes beyond good eating. Even the best chef in the world, Ferrán Adrià, worked there during his first years of career. It offers tasting menus from €39 to €59 with pairings. Not to miss it.
  • Lalola Restaurant by Javi Abascal: With a modern and original aesthetic, this restaurant has begun to offer tasting menus that are worth trying. Located on Conde de Torrejón street (Hotel One Shot), its typically Iberian menu can be tried from €44 per diner.
  • Restaurant 12 caps: Located on Párroco Antonio Pastor Portillo Street, this restaurant is one of the classics of this top 10 tasting menus. The dishes are prepared by chef Tue García, based on the flavors of the Andalusian land and with a touch of elegance that will leave you speechless.
  • Restaurant Tribeca: Ideal to enjoy a different lunch, full of textures. Tribeca aims to innovate while emphasizing seasonal flavors. Depending on the time of year, the tasting menu can be completely different. Located on Chaves Nogales street, a good option, with a menu starting at €110 per person.
  • Restaurant Overboards: A space full of nature and vegetation, and a different gastronomic adventure. At Sobretablas, traditional Sevillian cuisine goes hand in hand with the most modern international haute cuisine. Their tasting menu can be enjoyed from €68 per diner. The restaurant is located on Colombia Street and the dishes are carefully prepared by chef Camila Ferraro.
  • Restaurant Abades Triana: Located on Betis Street, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, this restaurant offers tasting menus between €50 and €100 per person. Ideal to savor international haute cuisine with Andalusian notes, while you enjoy the beauty of the river.
  • Restaurant Amara: Donostiarra chef Javier Febo is responsible for Amara's flavors. Located on Zaragoza Street, it is a restaurant that offers true works of art, with inventions such as foie cream or its delicious garlic honey. Tasting menus cost around €39 per diner.
  • Restaurant Cañabota: The perfect place for lovers of fish and the flavors of the sea. Cañabota has two different types of tasting menu, at €90 and €225 per person. They can be accompanied by a wide variety of wines and appetizers. The restaurant is located on Orfila Street.
  • Restaurant Deep Plate: This gastronomic proposal is born from the fusion of two important local chefs, Javier Vargas and Javier Abascal. Its tasting menu is around €39 per diner and offers a mix of typically Sevillian food and the newest international culinary trends. Located on Pastor and Landero streets, Plato Jondo is a good option at a reasonable price.

Seville has become a true epicenter of good food and flavor. If you are looking to taste some of the most elaborate dishes of local haute cuisine, opting for a tasting menu is an excellent way to enjoy the good things in a big way, controlling what you spend.

Tasting menu with pairing.
Tasting menu with pairing.

In this top 10 of the best tasting menus in Seville

We have taken the restaurants with the most innovative and interesting options on the current Sevillian scene. Now all that remains is to sit at the table and…good appetite!.