Best plans to do as a couple in Seville during October

Seville stands out as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and in October, the ocher and reddish colors further enhance its beauty and make it a perfect place to enjoy as a couple. Autumn in Seville has very pleasant temperatures which make it a favorable time to explore the city and enjoy it in all its fullness. So if you are thinking of visiting this wonderful city during the month of October with your partner, below we present a list of the best plans to do as a couple during October.

Explore the city on a bike tour

Seville has more than 170 kilometers of bicycle lanes, this added to the mild temperatures of October make a bike ride an ideal plan to enjoy with your partner outdoors. In the city You have several options to rent a bicycle and thus be able to explore the city with your lover at your own pace. You can plan a route to see emblematic sites or go with the flow without planning anything and let Seville surprise you. A A must in this activity is to visit one of the beautiful parks in the city such as the Tamarguillo Park or the Parque de los Príncipes and enjoy its ocher-tinged landscapes.

Enjoying a bike ride.

Enjoy the Festival of Nations

In the month of October, the Festival of Nations. This festival runs from the middle of September to the beginning of October, it takes place outdoors and In it you will find various stalls with gastronomic and artisan products from different parts of the world.. Musical and artistic shows are also offered at the festival. Without a doubt an opportunity to enjoy new experiences with your partner.

Seville Festival of Nations.

Share a tasting menu at a high-end restaurant

A romantic dinner is always a good plan, and what better than opting for a tasting menu in a gourmet restaurant from Seville to try the local gastronomic specialties. A recommendation that will make you not regret this plan is without a doubt the San Marcos restaurant Santa Cruz, which stands out for the variety of dishes it offers. In this you can opt for classic recipes or more daring dishes, all of them with unmatched quality. As if that were not enough, its setting and surroundings are ideal for creating an atmosphere of romance.

San Marco Santa Cruz
San Marco Santa Cruz.

Get to know the culture of the city on White Night

To be able to enjoy this plan you will have to be first Friday of October in Seville, since it is the date on which this event takes place. During that night, several activities related to local art and culture, concerts, theater shows, photography exhibitions are some of the things you can witness. In addition to culture, you can also enjoy beer tastings that are usually offered at night.

Seville at night from Las Setas.
Sunset from the Mushrooms.

Attend a concert at the Teatro de la Maestranza

During the month of October The show season begins at the emblematic Teatro de la Maestranza. For the occasion, shows are given Seville Symphony Orchestra, attending one of these concerts to enjoy the music can be the perfect plan for a romantic evening. The range of shows you can attend is very wide, flamenco, dance and opera are some of the many options. It should be taken into account that tickets to these shows are highly sought after and therefore if this plan interests you, you should make sure to get them in advance.

Maestranza Theater.
Maestranza Theater.

Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage

One way to tour the city at a leisurely pace to appreciate its beauty in greater detail is by horse-drawn carriage. And this is par excellence an ideal plan to share as a couple. The walk will take you through the historic center and the main tourist attractions of the city, such as the Paseo del Guadalquivir, the Palacio de San Telmo and the Murillo Gardens among many others. From this walk you can take a nice photo to remember this romantic experience.

Seville horse carriage.
Horse carriages in Seville.

Take a boat trip on the Guadalquivir River

The Guadalquivir River is one of the most notable sites in Seville, and an excellent way to get to know it is to tour it on a panoramic cruise, on whose tour you can admire the best views of the Sevillian city with your loved one. Sightseeing cruises offer several alternatives, such as ships with large tour groups or more intimate options with only 6 passengers. Some of these boats also include the option of tapas or snacks and even flamenco shows to enjoy while sailing. But if you like something much more intimate and different, you can Rent a boat or kayak and paddle along the river with your partner alone.

Guadalquivir River Seville
Guadalquivir river.

Fly over the city in a hot air balloon

This is an experience that perhaps not everyone is encouraged to do, but that is undoubtedly worth it and is truly unforgettable. If you want to enjoy the city of Seville with your partner in a unique way, combining romance with a little adrenaline, a hot air balloon trip is probably the best option. They will fly over the city and its surroundings contemplating the incredible Andalusian autumn views. Upon landing, the activity usually closes with a toast with delicious champagne. 

Hot air balloon flying over Seville.
Hot air balloon flying over Seville.

All this and much more is what the city of Seville has to offer you during the month of October if you are looking to enjoy it as a couple.