Best cooking schools in Seville

Thanks to the variety and quality of its flavors, Seville lends itself as an ideal place to learn to cook. Within the city there are numerous schools where you can take both professional courses and more informal workshops, to learn directly and from professionals, the recipes of traditional dishes of the region as well as many other specialties and nations. In this article we will tell you which are the best cooking schools in Seville so that you can learn to cook Andalusian cuisine or improve your skills in the kitchen.

Best cooking schools Seville Blog San Marco Santa Cruz

Seville Higher School of Hospitality

This institution stands out for being among the most recognized hospitality and tourism training centers in Europe. Founded in 1993, the Seville Hospitality School is part of Spanish and international culinary associations. Specialized in Andalusian gastronomy, she has received numerous awards for her work.

Within the academic offering of this school, you can opt for official degrees, such as Gastronomy and Spanish Culture, and its renowned chefs also offer courses of different durations on basic pastry and pastry, introduction to professional pastry, restaurant chef and introduction to professional cooking. In addition, special seminars on specific culinary topics are occasionally held.

It should be noted that in this school you have the possibility in almost all courses of doing a internship program In addition to learning, add real experience. The establishments adhering to the practices of the Seville Hospitality School are high-level restaurants and highly recognized in the world of gastronomy.

CookStorming School

This institution is aimed at those cooking apprentices who want to immerse themselves in the professional world of gastronomy. The center offers professional courses Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Cooking, Bakery, Pastry, International Cuisine and Avant-garde Cuisine.

The professional courses have official certification and have an estimated duration of 9 months each. The school toOthers offer short courses and basic workshops aimed at the amateur public.Among the options are fresh pasta courses, Thai cuisine, Indian cuisine, Greek cuisine, gourmet burgers, rice dishes, Moroccan cuisine or pizza and focaccia.

The quality of both vocational and informal training is supported by the directors of this school, Verónica Muñoz and Carlos Bohórguez, who in addition to transmitting their knowledge through the courses, also transmit their passion for cooking.

black market

This institute offers healthy cooking courses, macrobiotic cooking and cuisine from other nations such as Mexican cuisine, Japanese cuisine, French cuisine, English cuisine and Middle Eastern cuisine. It also has options for cooking workshops with seaweed, making fresh pasta, modern cooking and even a craft beer workshop. Month after month, Estraperlo also offers special workshops, many times within their options they dictate cooking workshops for children.

The place is located near the María Luisa Park, next to the University and the Alcázar. It stands out for offering workshops at extremely affordable prices and in addition to the academic offering, it also has a store selling organic products and foods.


This school is a benchmark in the world of gastronomy and its main philosophy is to be a gastronomic leisure site where everyone can enjoy this wonderful art. The training center offers cooking courses for everyday life, historic cuisine of Seville, homemade Japanese cuisine, cooking soups and fried creams, superfood workshops, gourmet rice workshops, summer cooking, courses on incorporating ice cream into savory preparations, street food preparation courses and many other options.

Not everything is workshops in Kök, but also the institution offers advisory services from professional chefs and also see creations by the most notable chefs to reinforce and deepen learning.

Andalusian Cooking Workshop

Located in the Triana Food Market, next to the Isabel II Bridge, this gastronomic school is one of the most traditional options. The establishment has within its academic offer courses of Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, preparation of paellas and fideuás, special rice workshop, Moroccan cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, Peruvian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, French cuisine, Italian cuisine and preparation of fresh pasta and sushi workshops.

The workshops are held in the Market's kitchen island, which has a capacity for 16 students and an auditorium for the public. Product presentations and gastronomic events, tastings, tastings and all types of events, both private and company events in the world of food and cooking, also take place in the space.

Cruzcampo Foundation

In this school, courses are taught for all types of people, both with and without experience, and generally aims at insertion into the gastronomic world of work. The objective of the foundation is to contribute socially by preparing its students to be able to join the gastronomic area and thus promote the hospitality industry in Andalusia.

The courses are taught by expert gastronomy professionals, and last on average 10 months, later including internships in nationally renowned restaurants.

Best cooking schools Seville Blog San Marco Santa Cruz

As you may have seen, the offer in Seville of options to learn to cook is extremely wide, there are alternatives for all tastes and also for all objectives, whether you want to become a professional and join the gastronomic world of work, or if you just like Just improve your skills in the kitchen to be able to share and delight with your loved ones. Which one are you signing up for?